In the past two years, Ameriabank has loaned over AMD 14 billion to the renewable energy sector. During this time, 123 power plants that use renewable energy sources and meet the green loan criteria have received financing. These projects generate an estimated 300 million kW/h of electricity annually, leading to a reduction of 120,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The investments made by the Bank in the renewable energy sector are summarized within the framework of “Triple Best” campaign, with Hayk Shekyan, Founder and CEO of Shtigen Group, corporate client of the Bank, telling about the importance of solar power and its strategic significance for the country.

We would like to remind that in 2022, Ameriabank was named the Best Bank of the Year in Armenia by The Banker, Euromoney, and Global Finance. To celebrate this recognition, the "Triple Best" campaign was launched with the slogan "The Best Opportunity is created by People". This campaign honors all those who have contributed to the Bank's achievements over the years, including its clients, partners, and employees.