Many are drawn in by the grandeur of Dubai and the luxuries that living in the Emirates offers a certain resident. The fast-paced and extravagant lifestyle, lazy evenings on beautiful beaches and extraordinary retail therapies Dubai has up for grabs make many want to set up home in this wonderland. Alas, most people have no idea where to find a residence suited to their budget, and end up missing out on all the fun.

The wondrous man-made Dubai marina is an emblem of and extravagant lifestyle. The posh locality is filled with state-of-the-art waterfront residences and houses renowned buildings like the world’s tallest residential structure, Princess Tower. Even though a studio apartment here would set you back AED 82,118 ($22,356 USD) per year on average, the luxurious enclave offers world-class high-end shopping malls, cafes, gyms, waterside walkways and numerous other entertainment facilities that make living in the area an experience to remember.