Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Armenia has implemented yet another sustainability project, in the frame of which 5.5Km of Dalar river bank in Aghveran are, Kotayk province, have been cleaned up.

“Apart from doing business, Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia has always priorities environmental protection and sustainable development. This is something we advocate to our employees, partners, as well as the whole community. Today’s river cleaning initiative is part of the series of activities we have been implementing for a number of years. Next one is planned for autumn, when we will join forces for a tree planting”,-said Sayyora Ayupova, General Manager of Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia Company.

Employees of Art Lunch, a longtime partner of Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia, have teamed up as well, contributing to the success of this important initiative. As a result of a full-day’s work, teams cleaned up and collected 220 bags of waste from the area.

“Apart from cleaning the garbage from the river bank we think it is equally important to spread the culture against environmental pollution. After this initiative we will not only reduce pollution ourselves but as well prevent others from doing so” said BakurMelkonyan representative of Art Lunch.

Over the course of its 20-year activity Coca-Cola Hellenic Armenia Company has continuously put efforts to voice out and increase awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and responsible use of water resources among the Armenian community. Among other projects completed in this domain is recently launched Hayanist initiative, implemented in partnership with USAID, aimed at improving water stewardship and restoring irrigation system in Ararat valley.