On the bases of the article published in hetq.am website and the calls to the RA MNP hotline, the State Environmental Inspectorate workers alongside Dilijan division of the Police with “Dilijan” NP SNCO workers, RA National Coordinator of Caucasus Nature Fund Arman Vermishyan, Citizen Tigran Shahbazyan supervised additional inspections in the 6th area of “Hagharcin” district of “Dilijan” national park during which there were revealed deforestation of trees of various diameters: breech/43/, hornbeam /31/, oak/11/, maple /2/ and ash/1/.

17. 365.790 million AMD was estimated as environmental damage; additionally, 125,38 m3 firewood was found.

Due to the collective inspections executed by Tavoush Regional Division Staff of the State Environmental Inspectorate, the officers of Ijevan division of the Police and Tavoush Regional Administration, there were revealed trees of various diameters (illegal cutting): breech /72/, hornbeam /9/, oak/11/ in the 5th area of “Ijevan” district of Ijevan forestry of “Hayantar” SNCO of the Ministry of Agriculture of RA; 13. 998.450 AMD was reckoned as damage caused to the nature.

The above mentioned reports on violations of norms on forests imposed by the State Environmental Inspectorate of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection Staff were sent to the Police of the Republic of Armenia.

Source: http://www.mnp.am/?aid=6507