Photographer Captures the Diverse Beauty of Women Around the World.

To Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc, beauty cannot be defined by one country, race or ethnicity. That's why she travels around the world for her Atlas of Beauty project, searching for images of beauty in different nations and cultures.

Last year, Noroc told Mashable, "Now I can say that beauty is everywhere, and it's not a matter of cosmetics, money, race or social status, but more about being yourself."

At the time, she had traveled to 37 countries, but since then, she's added eight more to her list, from the remote regions of the Amazonian rainforest to San Francisco, California.

"Through my photography I want to capture that feeling of warmth and serenity which is so specific to women and comes to balance all the negativity we see in the media.

"I think people should be more aware about other cultures and beauty can teach us to be more tolerant," Noroc said.

Traveling around the world with just her camera and a backpack, Noroc spends anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour on each portrait.

While the series highlights and celebrates cultural diversity, Noroc deliberately chose not to photograph across different age groups; the women in the photographs are roughly around the same age.

"The comparison has to be made using similar conditions," she said. "I think beauty is not about age. It's more about being natural and sincere."

"Maybe in 50 years all women from all around the world will dress and act the same," she added. I hope my project will remain a witness of my era's cultures and traditions."

"In my opinion, beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture. To be natural, sincere, authentic, particular, not necessary fashion or skinny."

Nordoc surely proves that true beauty goes far beyond runways and magazine covers.