Yesterday the Defense Army of Artsakh informed that Azerbaijan breached the ceasefire using mounted anti-tank grenade launchers and killed 3 servicemen of the Defense Army.
The Armenian press reported that two conscripts were wounded too. Yesterday morning Azerbaijan informed about 1 death on its side. The Azerbaijani fire took place at around 6 pm.

After the joint military exercise with Turkey in Nakhijevan Azerbaijan intends to start a large-scale military exercise on June 19, in which over 20,000 servicemen and lots of military vehicles and air force will be involved.

Such incidents are usually reported during drills. Judging by the number of casualties, the Azerbaijani side has hit the Armenian posts. Earlier the Azerbaijani side was staging the “destruction of the Armenian posts”, and yesterday it undertook a specific step.
However, the Armenian media informed that the servicemen had been killed by snipers.

This incident is happening in a situation when Azerbaijan receives political and military “rejections” from foreign stakeholders. However, it still carries out its policy at the line of contact.

The Armenian side has received a serious blow, a major loss, which causes questions. There has been a lot of talk about strengthening the front line, enhancing the level of security of soldiers. This has been done, of course, and Azerbaijan has repetitively experienced its consequences. However, such incidents play down on the impact of work done, first of all the impact on the enemy.

What has happened at the border? The consequence of what is this major and irretrievable loss? Is this objective military reality at the front line, the consequence of insufficient efforts or is the cause the irresponsibility of the Armenian government?