Azerbaijani politician Ali Karimli posted on his FaceBook page, directly addressing the Cabinet Rank of Azerbaijani. As writes Ali Karimli has cited the common statement concerning the "reoccupation" of Nagorno- Karabakh, made by Azerbaijani's officials " If necessary, we will take Karabakh" and asking them: " So, why didn't you manage to take it?"

"So, why didn't you manage to take it. If you're speaking about the excellent readiness of the army, the solidarity of society, despite religious, ethnical differences, the support from the world, neighbors and especially Turkey's significant contribution, the difficult situation and the air of panic which exists among Armenians, why didn't you manage to fulfill your words "if necessary". Please, don't ever use expressions like "if necessary", it will not be accepted in a serious way."- he wrote.