The 4-day war in the Artsakh-Azerbaijani border, which was unleashed by Baku, gave the answers of many questions in there. This war and its subsequent responses revealed not only the weak sides of the Azerbaijani armed forces and the fact of IR attackers' partaking in them, but also the fact, that the prevailing part of the Azeris' side, fighting in the frontline, are representatives of national minorities- without any special preparedness, fighting spirit or at least a little respect towards the motherland. Besides, the presence of exclusively national minorities in the frontline speaks about the not transparent muster in Azerbaijan and the corruptibility of the Defense office as a state system, and also about Baku's serious plans for getting rid of the national minorities.

It's obvious that with the help of these tactical actions the military authority of Azerbaijan was trying to simultaneously solve two problems: to fight against Armenians in the frontline and to get rid of national minorities, particularly of Lezgis and Talyshers. It's also interesting that not all Talyshers want to fight and not all of them consider the Armenians as an enemy.

"It isn't our war". It's the name of one of the TV broadcasts on the "Talyshistan's national TV-broadcasting" ( During this broadcast, lasting more than an hour, the commentator refers to the military actions in the Artsakh-Azerbaijani border in April and to the killed representatives of national minorities during that time. The commentator emphasizes that during the war the Azerbaijani side has had serious losses- both technical and human." There are many of our brothers (Talyshers) among those victims. Like the previous times, the Talishers are in the frontline. They have to obey the despot's orders and be killed for the sake of others' interests",- says the commentator and states with a sorrow that Talyshers sacrifice their lifes to Aliev's beaten extremism, without understanding that in that way they are supporting their own enemy.

The television broadcast has become a seriously discussed issue on the Internet. A great number of people from Talysh commented on the youtube account of the TV channel, asking the head writers of the broadcast also to talk about how the Azerbaijani treated them at the Artsakh war. Many talyshian said that they are sorry that their compatriots fight against Armenians , emphasizing the fact that they only obey Aliev and they do not perceive Armenians as enemies. The comments of the Azerbaijani concerning this issue are also interesting. E.g. “If the national minorities of Azerbaijan are not content with their lives in Baku , let them go. Nobody is forcing them to live with us” or another example: “You are foolish that you think that Armenians will treat you better, standing up for them”.